Boost Sales: Master the Art of Seasonal Promotions with our How-To Guide


by Lucia Realmuto

How can you make the most out of the season promotions throughout the year with your in-store displays?

At EML we know that seasonal holidays are important periods for retailers with peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Summer, being booming months for retailers. But as businesses what can we do to maximise our sales?

Have a clear call-to-action:

As retailers it’s vital to capture your customer’s attention and entice them to take action. Using a clear call-to-action in your promotions will help you achieve this goal. Displaying posters, signage, banners and leaflets throughout your store with a clear and compelling message will grab the attention of your audience and entice them into making a purchase. This is particularly important during the holiday season when competition is high and customers have many choices.

Countertop sign & menu holders are a perfect way to showcase your seasonal promotions effectively. They’re flexible, easy to use, and can display your messaging in an eye-catching way. Whether you’re promoting discounts or new products, don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase sales by using a clear call-to-action in your campaigns.

Our multi-purpose single sided information holder is a game changer for any retailer looking to draw attention to their seasonal promotions. With interchangeable graphics, this poster frame can seamlessly display your latest campaigns or products, making updating messaging quick and effortless.

Designed to provide clear call-to-actions, it’s ideal for highlighting sales, product promotions or seasonal collections. This versatile display is the answer to retailers looking for an easy solution to create visually appealing content, while providing the flexibility to change messaging often. Transform your retail space with this cost-effective solution and make your promotions pop.

Leaflet dispensers are a highly effective point-of-sale accessory for retailers to utilize, particularly during the peak seasonal periods. Not only do they serve to showcase your promotional offers and deals, but they also offer customers the added benefit of being able to take these offers with them, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase. Leaflet dispensers also provide an excellent opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing, as customers are likely to share the leaflets with friends and family. This can help to boost your brand’s exposure, and ultimately drive sales. Whether you are looking to promote a new range of products or simply boost footfall to your store, leaflet dispensers are a cost-effective and highly versatile marketing tool that should not be overlooked.

Our Apollo dispensers are a must-have commercial accessory for any retail business looking to promote their services or products. These multi-functional dispensers offer an attractive and practical way to display your promotional materials, including brochures, menus, magazines, and leaflets, making them a versatile addition to your store. They can be easily moved around your business, adapting to your display needs and ensuring customers can access your marketing materials with ease.

Compared to wall-mounted alternatives, our free-standing leaflet dispenser is an excellent choice, offering a professional and sophisticated way to feature your promotional items, all while keeping them organized and accessible for shoppers. Don’t miss out on the benefits of promoting your goods and services – get your Apollo dispensers today!

Optimise impulse sales and cross-selling opportunities:

Impulse buying is the sudden and immediate purchase of a product without any pre-shopping intention, as defined by Shopify. [1] Impulse sales are key during peak seasonal periods such as gift giving holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, where shoppers will flock to retailers in aims of getting a last-minute present, according to Think With Google “1 in 3 purchases are made on impulse, including in-store purchases, during the holiday season”. [2] Use this behavioural pattern to your advantage through impulse purchases within your display.

Clipping strips are a versatile and practical solution for any retailer looking to optimize their in-store promotions. Not only do they save space by easily hanging on shelves or behind tills, but they also serve as a powerful tool for boosting sales. By strategically placing related or complementary products together, retailers can make the most out of cross-selling opportunities, encouraging customers to purchase additional items they may not have considered otherwise.

Additionally, clipping strips can be used to display products that are likely to trigger an impulse purchase, such as snacks or small gifts. With clipping strips, the possibilities for effective in-store merchandising are endless.

Impulse purchases are particularly important during the holiday seasons as according to Fox Business, “impulse purchases are more likely when you’re in a good mood, and December is the most active month of the year for impulse buying.” [3]

Unable to hang your products with our clipping strips? Fear not, because our hang tab range is here to save the day! The perfect merchandising tool, hang tabs are quick, easy to use, and enable customers to view your product clearly with minimal packaging. Also known as repair tabs, they can be attached to your products with the clear self-adhesive and hung onto our clip strips or any other hanging display. Hang tabs are a must-have for any retail business looking to maximize their visual impact and showcase their products in an attractive, eye-catching way. So why wait? Check out our range of hang tabs today and start making the most of your retail space!

Target those last-minute-buys with our retractable barrier range, that offers a quick and easy solution to deliver increased sales on impulse buys. Queues are the most trafficked area of a venue, and an area in which shoppers are idle. According to Queue Solutions “when idle, people will seek stimulation and are more inclined to notice eye-catching print designs on the belts they are standing between.” [4] Maximise your queue-sales with our retractable barrier range that offers solutions to grab shoppers attention with display graphics and effective product placement showcased in display bowls, or merchandising queue panels, customers will seek stimulation by browsing.

Are your products too large for our clipping strips? Optimise your impulse sales with our Pro Bins, our promotional display bins that are an EML exclusive product not available anywhere else on the market. These bins offer custom graphics and branding, giving your displays a professional edge that cannot be matched by wire dump bins or traditional retail bins. Plus, they can hold a wide variety of products, making them perfect for last-minute buys and impulse purchases. With our Pro Bins, you can maximize your sales opportunities and cross-selling potential, leading to increased sales on related products. Don’t let your products languish on ineffective displays – upgrade to Pro Bins and take your in-store marketing to the next level.

Create enticing window signage and displays:

Effective window signage and displays can significantly boost your footfall and help you entice new and returning customers. By showcasing seasonal promotions and offers, you can create a sense of urgency and excitement, while also keeping your customers informed of all the great deals you have in store.

Even though many people are aware of upcoming holidays and occasions, it’s still crucial to communicate any promotions and offers that correspond with them. With an eye-catching display that features high-quality graphics and compelling calls-to-action, you can encourage customers to come in and see what your business has to offer. By investing in attractive window signage and displays, you can establish a strong visual identity for your brand and drive more traffic to your storefront.

As reported by FedEx in a 2012 survey, 76% of American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signs, and nearly 68% have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. [5]

It’s crucial to prioritize your marketing strategy not just within your store, but also on your storefront. Creating a captivating window display can attract potential customers and encourage them to explore your store. Sunglass Hut has mastered this art with their holiday campaign, which highlights their top-quality products in a visually stunning and festive arrangement. By showcasing their sunglasses in an enticing display, with high quality print graphics, moving display pieces and display plinths, they were able to draw customers in and ultimately increase sales. So remember, don’t overlook the power of a well-crafted window display in boosting your brand and revenue.

Sunglass Hut, Covent Garden, Holiday Campaign 2022

Use temporary POS signage:

Temporary point-of-sale signs are an incredibly versatile and effective way to promote your brand and products throughout the year. With the option of interchangeable graphics, you can easily customize your signs to suit any seasonal promotion or event.

These signs are perfect for catching customer’s attention and driving sales, whether you’re promoting seasonal products, limited-time offers, sales events, or new product launches. Unlike more permanent marketing materials, temporary point-of-sale signs can be quickly and easily installed and removed, making them ideal for in-store displays, trade shows, and other short-term marketing initiatives. With their striking design, clear messaging, and flexibility, these signs are a must-have tool for any business looking to maximize their marketing impact.

Our range of extruded grippers is a fantastic addition to your temporary POS displays. They’re designed to securely hold your POS graphics in place, ensuring that your displays are eye-catching and professional, and are perfect for use in busy commercial environments like retail displays, exhibits, and more.

With easy installation and a range of fastenings to choose from, our display grippers can be attached to any surface with ease, and are perfect for changing up your promotions to keep things fresh and exciting all year long. Whether you’re a small business or a large retailer, our adjustable grippers are the perfect tool for creating professional, dynamic displays that will impress your customers and drive sales.

Introducing our innovative Aisle Fin Holders designed to boost sales and attract potential customers! Our display arms connect flawlessly to the recess back panels, ensuring a secure and stable mounting solution. With interchangeable graphics, you can quickly modify banners based on promotions, exciting deals and offers, or location of the banner hanger. Can be used to section off products and promotions, by locating them along retail aisles., this flexibility also means your promotions will always be seen in busy retail environments.

The Aisle Fin Holders are suitable for various retail environments, making them suitable for diverse product applications, including beverages, snacks, home supplies, electronics, and more. Invest in our Aisle Fin Holder today and visualize how it enhances your store’s aesthetics while boosting sales revenue.

We’ve reached the end: our conclusion

As seen throughout this comprehensive how-to guide, we have delved into the most effective means of boosting sales during seasonal periods. From leveraging customers with a clear call-to-action to offering enticing promotions via impulse sales and cross-selling displays, and showcasing your products with unique window displays, we have covered a wide array of tactics that will help you stand out in a crowded market. To sum up, the key to increasing sales lies in your ability to understand your customer’s needs and preferences and tailor your offerings to meet those demands, no matter the time of year.

Lucia Realmuto

Having traded for over 25 years, EML has quickly become one of the UK’s leading retail display providers. We take pride in the supply and manufacturing of high quality point of sale products, all at great value for money. Our investment in new technology and machinery has enabled us to produce leading edge bespoke point of sale solutions.

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